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NGO 1 Stop: collaboration + access = impact

One Mission: Improve Lives

Imagine a world where every one had clean water, enough food, and accessible medical care. We believe that is possible. And it is our mission to facilitate the process.

NGO 1 STOP is a non-profit that links the public and private sectors and domestic and international interests to improve global development projects through unsolicited funding — significantly reducing the time to secure project funding and procure goods and services.

We fulfill our mission through administering the Collaborative Project Process, an innovative and proprietary approach to unsolicited project funding that offers a clear advantage of over the request for proposals (RFP) approach.

Using the CPP, experts analyze a client project concept, brings in technology experts to help the client effectively design the project, matches the best companies to supply goods and services, ensures that the project meets all funding guidelines, and then brings the strategically designed project directly to the appropriate donor agency to facilitate rapid funding of the project.

The Collaborative Project Process exclusively develops projects that have a significant social, economic or humanitarian impact on the host community.

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Upcoming Projects


Ala Wai Watershed Restoration and Revitalization Project

In partnership with the Hawaii Exemplary State Foundation, we are pilot testing the Collaborative Project Process.

The first pilot is the Ala Wai Watershed Revitalization Project. The entire project is comprised of several smaller, discrete projects:

  1. Harvesting Invasive Alien Species and Establishing an Integrative Power Micro-grid
  2. Genki Ala Wai Project
  3. Engaging Academia, Especially the K-12 Schools
  4. Restoring a Mosquito-Free Hawaii

The pilot projects are scheduled for Spring 2021.