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We are NGO 1 Stop

Taking action and seeing the impact on those we help has motivated me to create a team of exceptional experts. We are building a network that will have positive impact on the world for decades to come. I’m proud to leave that legacy to my grandchildren, knowing they will inhabit a better world.

Ervin Reeves

CEO, NGO 1 Stop

NGO 1 Stop’s (N1S’s) mission is to support the NGO community by providing professional services up to, and including, support for funding applications. N1S, a Virginia Nonprofit corporation, facilitates the unsolicited funding of organizations and projects from multilateral donor agencies, such as the US Department of Commerce, US Department of State, USAID, US Department of Agriculture, National Science Foundation and other federal and state agencies.  Our funders also include multilateral financial institutions like the World Bank Group and the United Nations, and charitable organizations like the United Way and the American Red Cross.  N1S is sustained primarily through grants and facilitation fees paid by these funding organizations.

N1S does not provide direct funding to any organization; it provides support for NGOs to apply for funding. When an NGO is funded through an application N1S facilitates, N1S receives a facilitation fee. Facilitation fees and grants from US Government agencies sustain N1S’s enterprise.  N1S is currently waiting for its approval by the IRS to be a 501 c(4) tax exempt organization.

Any organization seeking funding for a project will be doing so in accordance with US FAR 15.6xx Unsolicited Proposal regulations. These requests are carefully audited and scrutinized to assure compliance and transparency.

While N1S operates only inside the United States and its Territories, it supports some US NGO organizations working both domestically and internationally.

As NGO 1 Stop CEO, I support a team comprising a unique combination of skills that provide a comprehensive quality assurance capability that meets certification requirements of ISO 9001 (2015). Our expertise in information technology enables us to work on multiple projects simultaneously while enforcing all compliance requirements and maintaining continuous improvement of our operations and security.