Haitian child installing solar panel

How are we facilitating change? The proprietary Collaborative Project Process (CPP).

The CPP contributes to global development and enhances project outcomes by facilitating locally empowered, commercially viable projects of humanitarian value.

It does this by helping host country stakeholders develop their assessed priority needs into projects that can be implemented via unsolicited funding available through the US government, the World Bank Group, the United Nations, and other multilateral donor agencies.This direct funding approach avoids the uncertainty and the lengthy time to implementation associated with the customary request for proposals (RFP) approach.

Implemented through a network of coordinated, independent CPP-licensed nonprofits, the CPP represents an ideal public-private partnership that incorporates the strengths of both to form a best practices approach to project development. The CPP helps develop projects that are efficient and sustainable, use innovative and appropriate technology, and are designed to be financially viable, by coordinating the involvement of project clients, funders, technology experts, and providers of goods and services.

A major element of the CPP is the unique use of unsolicited funding, which reduces the time to secure project funding; lowers administrative costs; allows more participation from small, mid-sized, and minority business; improves delivery of goods and services; and gives the project client more control over their project versus the traditional RFP process. The CPP saves time and money for project clients, technology companies, development funders, and businesses that supply goods and services to projects.

The CPP network analyzes a client’s project concept, consults with technology experts to help the client effectively design the project, identifies companies best suited to supply goods and services, ensures that the project meets all funding guidelines, and matches the strategically designed project with the appropriate project funder.

The CPP involves project clients in each step of the project and gives them the tools to make informed decisions, to enhance long-term project sustainability, and ultimately local empowerment.